Austro-Hungarian Fortifications in Trentino, the Value of historical heritage. Author: Volker Jeschkeit

I have been discovering and exploring the Austro-Hungarian fortifications surrounding Trento since the year 2000. During my last 4 years of research I have had the pleasure of accompanying hundreds of foreign and Italian tourists on visits to the Austro-Hungarian fortifications of Trento’s Fortress, the Tenna/Valsugana barricade, and the fortifications above Levico on Panarotta and at Busa Grande. Download whole document

Curriculum Vitae of Volker Jeschkeit the engineer

A military engineering and Great War enthusiast for decades, Volker Jeschkeit the engineer has concentrated his efforts on Trento’s Fortress network since the year two thousand and besides doing surveys, he very often acts as a tourist guide to enthusiasts and an official delegation to many European countries. Download whole document

Video Trento Film Festival

It is possible to download the Emperor’s Forts video produced by the Trento Film Festival. Download Video 

The Emperors’ Forts’ pdf can be downloaded

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